I am Tarik Jesenković a graphic designer and photographer.

I’ve been interested in visual arts ever since I remember. Since my childhood years, I had channeled my education towards fine arts, and while I was studying at the Academy of Fine Arts (University of Sarajevo), I realized the opportunities and freedom that photography gives me in expressing my vision of the world around us.
I believe that photography is a game of being in the right place at the right time. With that in mind, inspiration is everywhere around us. I love traveling and experiencing the different surroundings and culture, but great photos can be made around everyday objects and scenes.
Most of my work is oriented towards street (urban) photography, landscape photography, still life, and architecture. I consider myself as a peaceful and calm person, and I think most of my work reflects that. And finally, I am a big fan of my hometown – Sarajevo. Most of my works are dedicated to the city of Sarajevo.